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Shiraz University

Shiraz, Iran
Job Title: Undergraduate Student



She is an Astronomer: What stage have you reached in your career?

Fateme Kamali: I am an undergraduate physics student.


SIAA: Do you think it might be more difficult for you to get a job or a promotion in comparison with male astronomers?

FK: It may be.  I didn't have any experiences about this; but I think that most people (specially in my country) don't believe in women's abilities.


SIAA: Are women under-represented in your institution?

FK: There are 2 women out of 25 faculty members (and one is going to be retired), so that's 8%.


SIAA: What is your family status?

FK: I am single and living in a dorm with room-mates.


SIAA: How many hours per day do you normally dedicate to work?

FK: 6 hours for attending classes and 2 hours working in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Society of Shiraz University (AASSU).


SIAA: What would most help you advance your career?

FK: Teachers paying more attention to female students.  They mostly think females can't do observations.


SIAA: What recommendation would you make to young women starting their career in astronomy?

FK: Be confident! Try to do what you like to do and promote science among other women.