Books and Education

Girls in Science: A Framework for Action by Elizabeth S Chatman, Katherine Nielsen, Erin Strauss and Kimberly Tanner. Available from the National Science Teachers Association.


Under the Radar: The First Women in Radio Astronomy: Ruby Payne-Scott by W. M. Goss and Richard X. McGee

Under the Radar describes the fascinating story of Payne-Scott who, employed by the Radiophysics Laboratory of the then Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in 1941, was part of an Australian team that developed a means of measuring radio emissions from the sun - a breakthrough that would lead to the construction of sophisticated radio telescopes. Forced to resign when it was found out she was secretly married (her pregnancy giving her away) Payne-Scott became a fierce advocate of women’s rights and, as a member of the Communist Party of Australia, was also of interest to ASIO. Ruby Payne-Scott’s children are renowned contemporary artist, Fiona Hall and mathematician and ARC Federation Fellow, Professor Peter Hall. Miller Goss, Fiona Hall and Peter Hall were be part of the launch of "Under The Radar", along with ABC radio present Robyn Williams. The podcast of the book launch can be downloaded here:


Women in Science - celebrating European women scientists through the ages. Book and audiobook available to download here:


'Rosa and Galileo' by Anne Cottinger (published by Random House in their Flying Foxes imprint) - aimed at under 9 years old.


'Beyond Jupiter: The Story of Planetary Astronomer Heidi Hammel' by Fred Bortz (part of the Women's Adventures in Science series by the Joseph Henry Press - National Academies Press) - aimed at pre-teens and teens.


'Naming Pluto' producer-director Ginita Jimenez ( - a 13-minute documentary about Venetia Burney Phair who named the planet Pluto in 1930, and saw it demoted in 2007.


'Sharing Science' - Survival Guides for astronomers visiting classrooms! see - one for scientists, one for teachers, one for parents.


'Dignifying Science' - Stories About Women Scientists by Donna Barr, Mary Fleener, Ramona Fradon, and Jim Ottaviani  Buy on: Amazon US Amazon UK


'Women in Early British and Irish Astronomy' by Mary Brück


Educational board games for children (French) AstroFamily, AstroPursuit and The Planets Game Available from