Reports and Statistics



Nature News - Self-doubt plagues female astronomers

Report on initial results from the first ever longitudinal study of astronomy graduate students in the United States (Nature 463, 574, 27 January 2010).


Nature Special Report - Unmasking the Imposter

Analysis of the 'Imposter Phenomenon' (Nature 459, 468-469, 20 May 2009)


The Gender Challenge in Research Funding

European Commission report assessing European national efforts to promote gender equality in research funding.


Women in Science and Technology - Creating Sustainable Careers

European Commission report highlighting ways in which Europe's employers can provide support.


Russian She is an Astronomer project

Study of the professional and career growth of women in Russian astronomyusing data on Russian IAU members


The march towards equality
Research eu, the magazine of the european research area – articles related to gender issues


Why girls don't want to be scientists - and how the classroom might fix it

Are you 'surprised' when the scientist turns out to be female? Try the 'Draw a Scientist Test' - most children persistently produce the stereotype. is an interesting article by Julie Darbyshire.


UK statistics for women in astronomy (part of demographic trends surveys)

A Wilkinson (1996), Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society 37769

C Tadhunter (2000), Astronomy and Geophysics 41 2.19